e-sportsbetSports betting has been a growing industry ever since the internet became widespread and the first online bookies appeared about a decade ago. Since then, it has been a walk in the park for these websites.

eSports, the next big thing

Millions of punters from all over the globe have registered accounts online and hundreds of thousands are betting money every day on various events. Football betting is still the number one source of income for the online companies, but numerous other possibilities are being explored. Live betting is the new big thing, but there is something else that has been growing just as rapidly, if not more. Say hello to eSports betting. Not heard about it? Oh, it is coming to a mobile or desktop near you, and it will only evolve and spread in popularity in the coming years.

Betting on eSports

CounterStrikeMost people have never heard about eSports yet, but those with an interest in computer games have been following this new trend closely. Basically, eSports consists of online RPGs and other games that people can play against each other using a fast internet connection. Online championships in games like StarCraft, Counter Strike and World of Warcraft have been around for ages, but it is only in the last couple of years that the online betting community started paying more attention to these tournaments. Now, more and more online bookmakers have started offering odds on so-called eSports, and as computers are becoming more and more widespread, so will the love for these digital sports.

Make money off eSports

The biggest online bookmakers are offering great odds at eSports, and those with a profound knowledge about the different famous players have been making huge chunks of cash from these odds. Every single odds compiler knows who is more likely to win between Manchester City and Norwich, but it is much harder to predict the outcome of an online StarCraft tournament, for example.

LeagueLegendsHence, the odds are much more lucrative, and by using your knowledge together with some proper research in advance, you could land yourself a great income. Some eSports have become so huge that the prize pools are in the hundreds of thousands. This paves the way for great interest from all across the globe – not only by the players themselves, but from punters as well. If you are among the first bunch of bettors to pay close attention to these championships, you could make some good money off them.

Maybe you could even play yourself? How cool would that be – betting on yourself to win an online tournament in League of Legends or other MMORPGs?