livebet7When the first online bookmakers started appearing, most people could not believe their eyes. Betting on their favourite teams without even leaving the house – it seemed incredible. Nowadays, it is an everyday thing to place a small bet on big football matches. You might even win big, if you did your calculations correctly.

Modern Betting at Its Finest

However, there is a new player in town that is rapidly evolving, and will probably take over a big part of the industry in the coming years. We are talking about live betting. Live betting is similar to normal betting, but here, you can actually place bets on matches that are already ongoing. Yes, in-play betting is another term for this growing trend. It is the ultimate possibility for sport lovers β€’the ultimate fun, the ultimate entertainment.

Mobile Live Odds

The best part about live betting is that it evolved approximately at the same time as mobile betting. The latter means that you can enjoy sports betting from your smartphone or tablets, which again means that et from just about anywhere as long as you have a working internet connection. Live betting takes this fun a step further.

betodds7Now, you can bet on numerous events while they are actually taking place! Imagine that! That means you could turn on your desktop and place a few bets while you are watching the game live on TV, or simply take out your mobile phone in the pub or bar you are in, and bet with one hand while holding a cold beer in the other!

Live Betting Odds

Most of the bigger bookmakers online will offer a vast selection of odds whenever there is a match going on, especially if it is football. You can bet on the next team to score, on the player to score, on halftime/final scores, amount of yellow cards and plenty of other special odds. Some bookies even offer a new type of odds in which you can place your money on the next event to take place in the match. Will it be a corner? A goal? Penalty? Throw-in? Simple, fast stakes can give you a decent income in the matter of minutes.

Are you good at reading the play while watching a sports even on TV? Maybe you can predict a goal just before it happens? Live betting offers punters everything they could ever wish for. Hence, it is very interesting to think what the next big thing in betting will be. How can anyone make an even better product than the one we have at the moment?