horseracingSure, humans have been betting money on just about everything since the beginning of time. That is how we are built, how our minds work. We are always looking for easy money. But the first ever regulated, licensed bets were actually made on horses, horse racing, that is.

Oldest Type of Betting

Horse racing has always been a popular sport in Europe, and it spread quickly around the globe. Still, the biggest and most popular horse racing events are taking place in Europe, especially in the UK and Sweden. Thousands of people are to be seen at the race tracks where you can bet money on your favourite horses and watch the races simultaneously.

Luckily, online bookies have been embracing the sport since their early days, which means that you can bet on horse racing while sitting in the comfort of your own living room. No more need to travel for hours just to see one horse race. Instead, you can bet on several different races and watch them live from your computer screen. Oh, and did we mention that the odds are much higher than on most other sports?

Win Money off Horse Racing

bethorseThere are many aspects to consider before placing your money on a certain horse. You should do as much research as possible, and preferably find out how the horse is feeling these days. The jockey as well, of course. Because the horse is, in fact, just a machine, it is the jockeys that control them, and without a good jockey even the best horse on the planet could easily lose. British online bookmakers are probably the best in the world when it comes to online bets on horse racing, but several other big betting portals have done their best to be better at this type of gambling.

Combine this with high level of competition between the bookies, throw in a bunch of deposit bonuses and free bets, and you have the perfect way of making money online without even leaving your house.

Odds on Horse Racing

horseonlineSince horse racing is much less predictable than football, basketball and other sports, the odds are significantly higher, as mentioned above. Most online bookies will also offer you horse racing coupons.

Now, this is more like a lottery than professional betting, but on the other hand you could become a millionaire overnight. These racing coupons usually consist of seven or eight horses, and your job will be to determine exactly in which position these horses will finish. If you manage to guess right on six-seven horses, you could be looking at millions of euros in profit. Yes, the chances of guessing them all are miserable, but by doing some research and putting all your knowledge together, as well as playing several horse race coupons at the same time, you could heighten your chances significantly.