euro2016The biggest even in the football world this year is, without a doubt, the European Championship which takes place in France. It is set to kick off very soon, and most people have already placed a few bets. First, there is the group stage. Then, the elimination rounds are given a go-ahead. If you are smart, you will follow some simple tips and win big money off the EURO 2016.

EURO 2016 in France

People will bet millions of euros on the EURO 2016. Football originated from Europe, and the best national leagues of the world are located here. The highest class of football, the best players, legendary managers and the biggest stadiums – everything is located in Europe.

euro2016betHence, the EURO 2016 is a culmination of football as we know it. The winner of the European Championship is most likely to win the World Championship as well, with only a few competitors in the form of Brazil and Argentina being able to provide any form of resistance against the European national teams. So, pay close attention to the EURO 2016, and place a few smart bets to win big. Here are a couple of tips.

• Stay away from the “sure bets”. Big European football nations are always favourites against smaller teams, but the odds compilers will be merciless when it comes to odds on these. Why in the world would you want to risk €100, only to have the possibility of winning 20? That would make no sense. Stay away from the “sure bets”, and concentrate on the smaller teams. Everyone knows that France is likely to win against Romania in the opening match. But what about Albania vs. Switzerland? Did you know that several players in the Swiss national team are of Albanian ancestry? Will they do their best against their ethnic brothers? It is matches like these, in the group stage, that could provide you with the money necessary to win big during the elimination stage.
• Keep off the betting slips. Many people do the silly mistake of compiling big betting slips in order to gain higher odds. Sure, it can be tempting to put five-six matches together and seeing the odds rise substantially. But in the end, your chances of winning will be not much more than winning the lottery. And do you believe in winning the lottery? Nah, of course not.
• Every detail matters. Do your research. Find out everything there is to know about the national teams ‒ injuries, brawls within the team, rivalry, ambitions. The more you know, the more likely you are to win. It as simple as that.
• Use odds comparison websites to find the best bets on the market. Do not let the odds compilers get the best of you. Oh, and signing up at a betting exchange could do you very good.