sport896Online sport betting has become a popular pastime for millions of sports lovers around the globe. It is extremely easy to start making money online these days, especially if you are willing to invest a decent amount from the very beginning.

Use Your Opportunities

There are numerous websites that offer sports betting around the clock, and if you use your opportunities correctly you could be looking at a solid income. Most sports betting sites offer new players an awesome welcome package. This usually consists of a good bonus on your first deposit, as well as some free bets or some other freebies. The free bets are fun to use, but it is the bonus you could really benefit from. By keeping a cool head, using your knowledge to the full degree, and combining this with a maximum bonus amount, you should have no problems making money off betting.

Bonus Requirements

sport897Sports betting bonuses are most often so-called “match bonuses”, and you will see percentages of between 50% and 200% straight away. This basically means that for every dollar you deposit, the betting site will add some extra money on top. For example, you could deposit €200, and get €200 on top. This means that you have €400 to play with straight away, giving you the opportunity to bet higher amounts and hence, claim bigger winnings. However, no online bookmaker will give out the money for free. That would open up for abuse of their generosity. Hence, there are requirements you have to meet if you wish to cash out your winnings. Usually, they are very easy and user-friendly. You came to place bets, so that is what you are required to do.

Typical Wagering Requirement

Let’s say you get €200 in bonus after depositing €200. The casino will then tell you to “wager the total amount 5 times on odds of 1.50 or higher”. This means that you need to place bets for €2,000 in total (200+200 x 5) before you can cash out. This might seem like a big amount, but in reality it can be accomplished fairly quickly. As mentioned – you came to play, anyway, so just have fun and stay away from low odds. Bet on interesting matches, and do not create big betting slips. Even if you lose half your money, you should be able to earn a decent amount after wagering the bonus.